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John Smart, Uz3, has been working with a number of Uzbek students here in the U.S. To help support this work, please take some time and look at some of the crafts they have brought to the US. If you have any questions, feel free to email John at The following is a note from John on the process for ordering these items :

The prices include shipping, and Shaha will provide a written note about the items for gift giving, if you wish.  This really is nice stuff.  I'm sure that you will be happy with it.  And the kid needs the money!

Please mail a check or money order to Shahriyor Rahmatov in care of John Smart at 560 Third Avenue South/Park Falls WI 54552.

Happy Holidays, and thanks friends...

Christmas stockings: assorted styles, techniques and colors
Gold embroidered style, small golden designs on velvet,  are $35 each
Shahrisabz style, like the one in the middle of the  photo, the most popular, are $30 each
Others are assorted embroidered cotton and plain velvet at $25 each
Pillow slipcovers
Uzbek handwoven cotton stripes in greens and golds, geo-   metric designs, 16" square, are $25 each
Round cotton embroidered covers, 18" diameter, $25 each
18" square cotton embroidered covers, $25 each

Shoulder bags
Heavily embroidered, and on a long string, and with a zipper...$30 each
Silk scarves: these are handwoven, natural dyed silk from
Margillan, Uzbekistan

They range in size (approximately 14" to 20" wide, by 4' to 5' in length) andcolor (ochres and mustardy greens to deep violets and blues), and they are $50 each...and worth it!  You can seethem in one photo tied around a hat tree (clever display,yes?), which does them no credit at all.
Suzanies (can be used as tablecloths or wallhangings)

Large black, 74" x 97", $75 Medium, black, red, yellow and pink, 44" x 76", $55